Media Mentions

The Expert's Guide to Crying at Work
Bloomberg, 08/03/2017
By Rebecca Greenfield

The Right Way to Cry in Front of Your Boss
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, 07/02/2017
By Roberta Holland

Let Your Workers Rebel
Harvard Business Review - The Big Idea, October 2016
By Francesca Gino

The Case For The Power Commute Is Stronger Than You’d Think
The Huffington Post, 30/09/2016
By Allison Fox

Can’t Stand Your Commute? It’s All in Your Head.
The Wall Street Journal, 30/05/2016
By Chana R. Schoenberger

Teams Who Share Personal Stories Are More Effective 
(Korean Version)
Harvard Business Review, 25/04/2016
By Francesca Gino


A Mystery of Our Time: The People Who Enjoy Commuting
The Atlantic, 17/03/2016
By Joe Pinsker

Latest Research Says Praising Employees Boosts Productivity After All 
(Featured in
Forbes, 01/11/2015
By Christopher Nelson

Why Organizations Don’t Learn
Harvard Business Review, November 2015
By Francesca Gino & Bradley Staats

Stress May Make You More Likely To Cheat
The Boston Globe, 14/08/2015
By Karen Weintraub

How Hormones Foretell Whether People Will Cheat
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, 05/08/2015
By Carmen Nobel

Let It Snow. There’s Work to Be Done.
The New York Times, 14/02/2015
By Matt Richtel

Stoic People Make Utilitarian Decisions
The Boston Globe, 07/12/2014
By Kevin Lewis

If You Have a Lot of Work to Do, Hope for Rain
Harvard Business Review, June 2014

It’s Easy Being King
The New York Times, 27/10/2012
By Jennifer S. Lerner and Gary D. Sherman

Business Education: Something for the Weekend
Financial Times, 28/09/2012
By Linda Anderson

Is it Actually Less Stressful to Be in Charge?
The Washington Post, 25/09/2012
By Jena McGregor

Business Education: Something for the Weekend
Financial Times, 21/09/2012
By Linda Anderson