Media Mentions


What Do You Think Makes Someone a Liar?
Psychology Today, 06/08/2019
By Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD


Stuck in Commuter Hell? You Can Still Be Productive
HBS Working Knowledge, 03/18/2019
By Dina Gerdeman



How Long is Too Long to Commute?
Convene, 09/25/2018
By Jared Shelly


The Neglected Benefits of the Commute
BBC, 08/08/2018
By David Robson

Air Pollution 'Fuels Crime by Causing Stress'
The Times, 02/10/2018
By Ben Webster

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Darker Skies, Darker Behaviors
Scientific American, 01/16/2018
By Jackson Lu, Julia Lee, Francesca Gino, & Adam Galinsky


The Benefits of Saying Nice Things about Your Colleagues
Harvard Business Review, 08/01/2017
By Jane Dutton & Julia Lee

Reclaim Your Commute
Harvard Business Review, May-June Issue, 2017
By Francesca Gino, Brad Staats, Jon Jachimowicz, Julia Lee, and Jochen Menges

The Expert's Guide to Crying at Work
Bloomberg, 03/08/2017
By Rebecca Greenfield

The Right Way to Cry in Front of Your Boss
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, 02/07/2017
By Roberta Holland

Let Your Workers Rebel
Harvard Business Review, October Issue, 2016
By Francesca Gino

The Case For The Power Commute Is Stronger Than You’d Think
The Huffington Post, 09/30/2016
By Allison Fox

Can’t Stand Your Commute? It’s All in Your Head.
The Wall Street Journal, 05/30/2016
By Chana R. Schoenberger

Teams Who Share Personal Stories Are More Effective 
(Korean Version)
Harvard Business Review, 04/25/2016
By Francesca Gino


A Mystery of Our Time: The People Who Enjoy Commuting
The Atlantic, 03/17/2016
By Joe Pinsker

Latest Research Says Praising Employees Boosts Productivity After All 
(Featured in
Forbes, 11/01/2015
By Christopher Nelson

Why Organizations Don’t Learn
Harvard Business Review, November Issue, 2015
By Francesca Gino & Bradley Staats

Stress May Make You More Likely To Cheat
The Boston Globe, 08/14/2015
By Karen Weintraub

How Hormones Foretell Whether People Will Cheat
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, 08/05/2015
By Carmen Nobel

Let It Snow. There’s Work to Be Done.
The New York Times, 02/14/2015
By Matt Richtel

The Silver Lining in Bad Weather: Higher Productivity
Knowledge@Wharton, 01/29/2015
By Dan Loney

Stoic People Make Utilitarian Decisions
The Boston Globe, 07/12/2014
By Kevin Lewis

It’s Easy Being King
New York Times, 10/27/2012
By Jennifer S. Lerner and Gary D. Sherman

Business Education: Something for the Weekend
Financial Times, 09/28/2012
By Linda Anderson

Is it Actually Less Stressful to Be in Charge?
The Washington Post, 09/25/2012
By Jena McGregor

Business Education: Something for the Weekend
Financial Times, 09/21/2012
By Linda Anderson